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53 Benitez is composed of two mid-rise towers with seven stories each. Each floor is a mix of spacious two- and three-bedroom units. The towers themselves are located in a picturesque neighborhood with beautifully landscaped yards. Safety and security are top-notch: gated entrance, well-lit perimeters, and security personnel are deployed so families can sleep soundly at night. Comfort and convenience are also priorities, with amenities such as fitness center, outdoor pool, function rooms, and pocket gardens readily available for a relaxed and healthy living. 53 Benitez is truly a place for creating new family memories.

Having everything you may need within walking distance or just a short drive away is good but some things you would like even closer and so that is why Rockwell Primaries included several amenities into the 53 Benitez project. These amenities are centered around the 2 storey Clubhouse which is within the compound and so is on the doorstep of all residents. Apart from the Clubhouse which is good as a venue for hosting family, friends or work associates, other amenities available for residents are:

  • Children’s Playground – It is always good to have somewhere the kids can play without having to face the dangers the busy streets present
  • Children’s Pool – Many kids would prefer playing in a pool rather than a playground, which is great provided there is adequate adult supervision
  • Swimming Pool – Even adults like to relax in or by the side of a swimming pool and so when that swimming pool is just yards away from your residence, make the most of it
  • Function Room – You never know when you may need a venue for some entertaining and so having a function room available on site can be a blessing
  • Gymnasium – Many people would like to use a gymnasium more than they do but often the membership prices are high or by the time they travel to the gym and back, they barely have time inside to exercise. Having a gym on site is therefore beneficial to a resident’s health, if they choose to use it

The fact that these amenities are all on site means that ventures outside will rarely be needed, other than to go to work and even that will not present a long commute. 53 Benitez is therefore an ideal residence for a relaxed and tranquil lifestyle and yet one that has all the luxuries for a sophisticated lifestyle.

Security is a major concern to many residents but at 53 Benitez, residents have few concerns as the developer ensured that the site would be safe and secure at all times, installing a 24 hour security and posting CCTV cameras through the buildings, in the commonly used rooms. The site is also fenced with a security gate at the entrance, ensuring no one enters without either being a resident or having been invited by a resident. The safety of residents is also taken care of by the installing of smoke and fire alarms.

Although Quezon City may be the most populated city in the Philippines, residents will not notice that in the confines of 53 Benitez as with the open spaces and landscaping, they could just as easily be in a country estate and even inside the buildings, with the bridge corridors, crowded city life is far from any resident’s mind.

  • Grand Entrance
  • Clubhouse
  • Pool
  • Convenience Retail
  • Passive Cooling Technology and Floating Corridors
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